My Happy Place


I have a happy place and it’s on Orient Beach, St. Marteen. My husband and I have been to the island six times now and we never tire of it. Also known as St. Martin if staying on the Dutch side. Each winter it is something I look forward to that gets me through the cold and dreary days. Our typical day on the island starts with a leisurely breakfast on the outside veranda of the condo we rent. Then I take a dip in the pool, which is only steps from our patio. After that we pack up our bag and head to the beach for the day. The beach is steps beyond the pool. We always rent an umbrellas and chairs at Bikini Beach club where we have a waiter who brings us our food and drink all day long. Eric has been our waiter on the beach for the past three years. Each day he reserves our chairs in the front row by the water. Whether we get down there at 9 am, 11 am or the afternoon the chairs are available to us. Eric helps to make the trip perfect. The service he provides is top notch. He is always agreeable and pleasant and we never want for anything. We lounge on the chairs, eat, drink, swim, read and people watch. On occasion we will spend the day elsewhere but only for a couple of hours as we have seen all of the island at this point. The food at Bikini Beach and anywhere else on the island can only be equaled in France. All of it is amazingly fresh and delicious. I have never had a bad meal even at the shadiest of places. At around 4 pm we leave the beach and go up to the bar for a final few sips of whatever the day’s libation has been. Without fail Eric brings us over a bottle and shots of the latest rum concoction for the day as we pay our tab.



This year we brought our friends Rich and Lori as well as my mother-in-law to experience this wonderful place. Rich and Lori rented their own condo just down from us. Year after year we had told them of our incredible experience on St. Martin. This year they decided to check it out for themselves. It did not disappoint and they said it was the best vacation they had ever had. We were thrilled to hear this.



These photos were taken early in the morning as we walked the beach. Orient Beach is a mile long stretch of beach and water unequaled elsewhere on the island. It was still quiet as it was early in the morning but once the cruise ships dock on the Dutch side all of those chairs fill up and the beach can be very crowded.



We rent our condo from the same woman each year. Laure pays particular attention to all the details that make our stay absolutely perfect. She has several condos and the rental information can be found at


So what is your happy place and why?