Mute Swan and Babies

To me a swan represents total beauty and grace. One day I was fortunate to visit with Kathryn Kleekamp, an accomplished Cape Cod artist, at her house. Her yard backs up to a pond that hosts swans and geese. She asked me if I wanted to feed the swans and see their babies. I was thrilled as I had never been that close to swans before. Out we went with bread in hand. First Daddy swan came over to make sure it was safe. He scoped us out and I imagine because he was familiar Kathryn he felt I was okay too. Then Mama with babies in tow came over. Mama and Daddy stayed very close  and kept a watchful eye on us at all times. The babies were so fluffy and adorable. I think one of the things I love about swans is that they mate for life. Generally Mute Swans are very territorial. You will only see one pair of swans on a pond or lake although if it is large with enough feeding ground you may see more. Once their babies are grown, around 4-5 months they leave the pond to find a mate and habitat of their own.