Old Cape Cod ~ The Land of Heart’s Desire

Did you ever go down on Old Cape Cod,

the place that speaks of peace and God?

Where the trees, and flowers and even grass,

nod you a welcome as you pass.

Where you hear the waves a pounding the shore.

When the wind’s nor’ east and the storm clouds lower.

Where you breathe in the smell of the old salt grass.

As on the highway of God’s country you pass.

No place in the world shines the sum so bright.

Or the moon when it’s full on a summer’s night,

and the people “God bless them,” that true do they ring.

They make you as welcome as the flowers in spring.

A hand clasp that thrills way down to the toes.

Is the greeting one gets wherever he goes.

Just to think of that place is to me.

With its wonderful flowers and sky and sea.

Like sweetest nectar fit for a god.

That I drink to the health of Old Cape Cod.

~ John Chipman