A Bittersweet Weekend. Saying Goodbye To A Loved One.

fn5a9264This was a bittersweet weekend. It was sweet as I was able to spend time with both my sister-in-law Teri and my niece Carolyn which rarely if almost never happens. It was so wonderful to reminisce and catch up on so many things. It was bitter as Saturday we all went down to Manomet Beach in Plymouth, MA to spread my other niece Kat’s ashes on the one-year anniversary of her death. Her death last year came very unexpectedly and quickly, and she was much too young! It left a trail of devastation and sadness in its wake. Kat was a wife, a mother of five, and a new grandmother to two. One year later everyone is still truly not settled with the finality of it all. Manomet Beach was chosen as the location, as Kat and her family had spent many Fourth of July holidays at my sister Mary’s house celebrating with the rest of the extended family over the years. She made it be known she wanted her ashes spread from the beach as she had so many fond memories there.

fn5a9299Teri, Kat’s mother and Carolyn, Kat’s sister, along with myself, my daughter Allison, my sister Barb, and my other niece Amanda all went to the beach on Saturday to do just that. The weather was perfect for a September day. The sun was out and the temperature was just right.

fn5a9304Fortunately the beach was almost desolate accept for a very few people.

fn5a9302As we were walking onto the beach we noticed a rock that was “almost” heart shaped. Teri said that it was not quite right and so we left it where it lay. We kept walking and then decided upon a spot to spread the ashes. First some beautiful pink rose petals were thrown into the water and the waves washed them back to shore.


fn5a9285Then Carolyn after a few moments spread her sister’s ashes.


fn5a9276She and Teri had their private thoughts and after a while we all gathered back further up on the beach.

fn5a9262At that moment Carolyn looked down and there it was in the middle of us all! A heart shaped rock at the exact spot where we had gathered to stand afterwards.

fn5a9298A remembrance for mother and sister of this very poignant moment that yes Kat was in fact with us all and ever so appreciative that her wish was being carried out. She was feeling the love and she was sending it back.

fn5a9257We left the beach all deep in our thoughts and continued on to lunch to spend more family time together.

fn5a9254More time for us all to be with one another at a very special time and something that so rarely happens. Afterwards Teri, my sister Barb and I went on our way while the three younger cousins went out for some girl’s time together.

fn5a9306And so it was bittersweet. We again said goodbye to a loved one. However we shared it in the company of those we love. Something that does not happen all too often!