101/365 Back to Reality

What a week! We were in the sunny Caribbean on the island of St. Martin through Tuesday. It was warm and sunny in the mid 80s with balmy breezes. 10:30 PM Tuesday night we stepped off the plane in Boston to 26-degree temps and snow on the ground. It was a shock to the senses. Hubby and I only had sandals on our feet and light clothing. To top the return trip off the airlines lost my luggage. People have told me to have faith and that it will eventually show up but it’s been five days now! I’m slowly losing hope and have begun to compile a list of things that were in the bag. Really I am none too pleased. It put a bad end to on an otherwise perfect vacation.

File_Apr_07__7_27_56_PMSo I decided on my second day home I would continue to treat myself because although I was home I was still on vacation. I got my hair trimmed and added in a 10-minute scalp massage. That was a nice little treat. Then I went and had a manicure. It took a little edge off being back home in the cold.

File_Apr_07__7_25_29_PMFriday I spent the day finalizing my mother’s estate and took the accounting of expenses and reconciliation of everything to the attorney. I met with her for an hour, came home and crashed. It’s been very mentally and emotionally draining dealing with this. I feel as though each time I work on things to do with the estate it is a continuing slap in the face that my Mom is now gone. As Executrix it has been a very tedious process and I had no idea so much would be involved. I had been the Executor of my Father’s estate 35 years ago but boy have things changed. But now the end is in sight and all I have left to do is to get the Estate taxes done; some other minor things and fingers crossed can close it out within the next month or so.

File_Apr_07__7_26_49_PMSaturday I spent the day with my mother-in-law just doing the things we like to do. We squeezed in a nice little lunch with a couple afternoon drinks and just enjoyed the day.

File_Apr_07__7_28_51_PMToday I will tackle hubby and mine taxes. That will take me a day or two because of my photography business. It is not the short form tax filing for sure. It’s not the best way to finish my vacation but I just want this one additional stressor in my life finished and done. I want to know how much we will have to pay Uncle Sam, which is always a given, swallow the pain and pay the piper!

File_Apr_07__7_28_19_PMTomorrow I am back to work and hopefully I won’t be hit with a world of problems once I sign onto my computer. We shall see with fingers crossed!