65/365 The Red Bike


The red bike that was all mine
I got at Christmas when I was nine
Though bigger than me I learn to ride
As my little brother rode along at my side.
To places around that were unknown
But in time for supper would coast home
In a small town with no fear of cars
And at night rode by the moon and stars.
Everyone knew us by name
Rode many a gravel road and country lane
A flat tire was never thought of
Places to ride as the miles dissolve.
My brother would outgrow his with time
And we would both ride around on mine
While I would stand and pedal with my feet
He would set behind me on the seat.
All that summer we did ride
Pedal uphill and downhill glide
That old bike had only one gear
Fast - and ride without fear.
Now when I see kids on wheels
I think of me and my brother on those hills
Riding off into the sunset
Of childhood days - I won't forget...

~ Billy Davis