Christmas and the Magical Atmosphere it Creates

FN5A0291There is something about Christmas decorations and the magical atmosphere they create. The twinkling lights, the vibrancy and all the memories they evoke. I get so excited to put them out. Typically I reserve the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate. It’s a two-day affair. One day to decorate the tree and another for all the rest. But as much as I love to see them and enjoy them through Christmas once New Years arrives I start to feel claustrophobic by it all. I find all the red makes me start to feel closed in. Years ago I would leave my tree and decorations up through little Christmas, which is in the middle of January. Now that I’m older I typically put it all away the weekend after New Years. Fortunately everything goes away in just one day rather than the two it takes to put them up. And so I will enjoy the decorations for another week and then back into the boxes they go until next year.

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