Why Has It Taken Me So Long To Figure Out?

FN5A0200-2Why has it taken me so long to figure out? Christmas is not just about the day itself, it is about the entire holiday season!FN5A0038Beginning with Thanksgiving when we gather with loved ones and friends, through New Years, we should focus on doing things that will bring us together as much as possible.FN5A0184Since Thanksgiving I have spent one weekend decorating the tree with my daughter, while my grandchildren were about and looked upon the finished product with total awe. My son Rob and his fiancé Bri were also down and we all celebrated my birthday together.FN5A0182Last weekend Hubby and I babysat our granddaughter Emma and grandson Bryce overnight. We took them to Hyannis on Saturday evening to watch Santa who arrived by boat in the harbor and to admire the other flotilla of boats decorated for the season.

Afterwards we walked up to Hyannis center from the harbor and all had dinner. And of course you can’t visit Hyannis with the kids without visiting the Candy Corner. They have a huge selection of penny candy, fudge and every type of chocolate.

This coming weekend my daughter and I will be continuing a tradition of baking Christmas cookies together. This year there is a little twist as we include granddaughters, my mother-in-law and Bri. We’ll see how helpful my two granddaughters are!IMG_9301That evening, all of us including my Hubby and son, will be going to Heritage Museum, which is in our town to see the annual Gardens A Glow. It is a wonderful night out in the fresh air appreciating the beautiful holiday light displays.

Next weekend Hubby and I will have a little reprieve but I’m sure I can find something for the two of us to do to celebrate the holiday with all the local festivities going on.IMG_9681Christmas afternoon our kids, their significant others and children will arrive to open their presents which will be followed by our annual Prime Rib Roast with au jus, popovers and all the side dishes. I must comment that our friends Lori and Rich provide us with the most fabulous Prime Rib each year and we are always thankful.IMG_9695New Years weekend we will be headed to Maine with our daughter Allison, her husband Chris and the grandkids. We will celebrate the incoming New Year along with a number of their friends.IMG_9488So all in all from Thanksgiving through New Years the time is filled with snippets of moments spent with those we love. That is what the Holiday season is about. It is not just about the day of Christmas and the overabundance of gifts everyone gets it is about weeks of coming together.