A Very Busy Year


Denmark Maine

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have found 2015 to be an exceedingly busy year and contributed to my not being able to blog on a regular basis. It started in February with the passing of my mother. After the flurry of responsibilities with the settling of her estate and going through her things hubby and I spent two weeks in St. Martin. Thank god for that because I needed to emotionally and mentally decompress. Then the end of May our daughter, her husband and their two children moved in with us after they sold their home and found a new one. Summer was fun but very busy. They moved out just before Labor Day. Soon thereafter the grandchildren were back with us while their parents traveled to Bermuda. Life has not slowed down since and truthfully this is the first and last weekend we don’t have something going on through the rest of this year. One of the moments I once again had an opportunity to decompress was the five days we spent in Maine in October. Surrounded by family and friends the foliage was spectacular while at the same time we were able to just relax and enjoy the great outdoors. I may be from Cape Cod, which many people think of for vacationing but for me to get away from it all I absolutely love Maine.