Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.”

I have been nominated for this fantastic award by Janell Mithani who is an amazingly talented artist and jewelry maker. I so enjoy seeing her paintings and the incredible bracelets, earrings and necklaces she makes and so much more. You really must stop by her site.

The rules for accepting the nomination:

1. Thank the person who has nominated you, linking back to their site
2. Put the award logo in your blog post
3. Answer the 10 questions sent you
4. Nominate 10 bloggers and contact them to let them know they’ve been selected
5. Make up 10 new questions for your nominees to answer

10 questions from Janell for me to answer:

1.  Why did you start blogging? I started blogging as a way to spotlight and share my photography. It morphed and has been more than just that. I love sharing things about my life and family. And the friendships I have made through this experience are priceless.
2.  What is your favorite color? For many years it was vibrant red. Now I find I am gravitating more to a warm hue of pale blue. It reminds me of the ocean.
3.  What inspires you the most? The ocean. I can’t even tell you but whenever I see the water it immediately has a calming affect on me. I don’t mean swimming in it. I just love looking at it! I guess that’s why I live on Cape Cod.
4.  Who is or has been your favorite role model? I have two reactions to that. (1) My mother who passed this past February. She was an amazing, independent, feisty, proud woman right up until she passed  just before her 89th birthday. (2) Winston Churchill. I remember watching a documentary about him. The one thing that struck me is that no matter how much adversity he faced he didn’t let it stop him and just kept working towards what he believed in. He wasn’t always right but he never gave up.
5. What is your favorite flower? Peony. Just love that flower. I wish it’s season wasn’t so short.
6. What is your favorite topic to blog about? My family. Especially my grandchildren. They give me such joy!
7. What one piece of advice would you give your younger self? It’s alright to pursue a career in the arts. A creative mind is much more satisfying than anything else.
8. Who is your favorite female artist? It’s hard to name just one. There are so many women in many different mediums that I love. The first one that pops into my head would be Tina Turner. So spirited, talented, revolutionary and unique. She embodies much of what I love in a strong woman.
9. If you were a fairy, what color hair would you have? Blond. I dyed my hair blond in my twenties and while I don’t know that blonds have more fun they definitely get a lot of attention.
10. What is your favorite book and why? The Davinci Code by Dan Brown. Although extremely controversial I don’t find the premise is so far fetched.

Five women bloggers I nominate:

  1. Susan Licht, I feel Susan and I have been taking the same journey and I love to see the progress she has made over the years. Licht Years
  2. Tina Del Buono, She offers some incredible and practical advice for every day life. Practical Practice Management
  3. Lisa Gordon, I love all of Lisa’s photos. I always react with an “Aw” when I see them. Lisa Gordon
  4. Laurie Sriver, Another incredible photographer and I feel we are both at very similar points in our lives. I love to read of her life and family. Pride in Photos
  5. Cheryl Crotty, I just love Cheryl’s stories of family and experiences. Cheryl’s World in Prose & Photographs

Of the five women I have nominated I just feel if we met in person we would become fast close friends. Their values, stories and photographs just resonate with me!

Ten questions for the five women I have nominated:

  1. How would you describe where your creative journey has taken you?
  2. What do you value the most in life?
  3. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
  4. How long have you been doing what the premise of your blog is about?
  5. If you could only take one trip anywhere in the world where would that be?
  6. Who would you like to meet that has inspired you?
  7. How did you stumble upon what you blog about? i.e. photography, management advice etc.
  8. What talents would you like to develop that you haven’t?
  9. Where is your most favorite place that you have visited and why?
  10. Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now?