What Goes Through Their Minds?


Don’t you wonder sometimes what goes through their little heads? Morgan got a hold of an old fishing buoy out by our pool. She was playing with it in the water. Not to worry Hubby and I were right there to grab her should she fall in. At any rate she would take the buoy and lift it above her head. Then she would say “Up, up to the sky!”. Then she would smash it into the pool. She did this a number of times until she saw a spider in the pool. She insisted I get it out! I’m happy to say the spider was dead as it was quite large and I would not have gone anywhere near it if it weren’t!IMG_7868 IMG_7866 IMG_7872 IMG_7870 IMG_7875 IMG_7877


This is when she saw the spider in the pool.


This is where Morgan told Nana to get it out! Yuck! Thank goodness it was dead!