Such Love and Adoration



A little over eight years ago we had a dog named Alex. He was part yellow lab, part golden retriever. A gentle giant he weighed in at approximately 125 lbs. He was a big boy. But more to the point he was my baby. Alex and I were attached at the hip. He followed me everywhere. At night when I was laying or sitting on the couch he would lay on the floor beside me, head on the edge of the couch and he would just stare at me with total love and adoration. He loved me like no other and I loved him beyond words. From room to room he would follow me. At night when I was cooking dinner he would sit in the kitchen watching me. I would carry on full conversations with him while I cooked.


When Alex passed I went into a major depression. I felt like a part of me had died. As every day passed my depression grew deeper. Who would I talk to now while I made dinner? My hubby would usually be engrossed in one show or another on TV and not really tuned into what I was saying. Typical male! My children were of an age where they were leading their own lives and off doing their own thing.


I swore I would never get another dog. My loss was so great that I didn’t ever want to go through this type of sorrow again. But my hubby felt the only thing that would cure my broken heart would be a new puppy. At first I said no but eventually I told him yes we could go look at some.


You can never look at a puppy with the intentions of walking away. Truth be told when I saw this fat, little yellow lab pup it was all I needed. Seeing him pulled me right out of my unhappiness. Puppies are such a joyous distraction!


Well fate played me a hand I never expected. Our new puppy did not become attached to me but to my hubby. Now after eight years my hubby and Brady are inseparable. When hubby is around Brady is so anxious that hubby will leave him that he is always read to jump to attention.


When my hubby is in the yard working Brady will literally be on his heals every single moment. Last weekend I took a series of photos of Brady keeping an eye on my hubby at all times. Following his every move and right on his heals. When my hubby finally sat down Brady collapsed for a short time from the sheer exhaustion created by the anxiety of being on hubby’s heals at all moments.

Have you ever experienced such love and adoration from a pet? I hope you at once have felt the unbelievable connection they can create!