Hidden Talent


I am still doing my still life photography class but things have been so crazy over the past couple months that I don’t always have the time to compose the shot and take the picture. I really do enjoy doing still life but for me the image has to tell a story. Still life images that are a bunch of random objects thrown together that have no relationship to the other bother me. I want my photos to tell a story.

My mother dabbled her entire life in all kinds of creative activities. Amazingly what ever she ventured into she was very good at. Unfortunately she never stuck with any one thing for long. I don’t know if it was boredom but she didn’t have the opportunity to perfect any one thing. Although she always got the basics down and did them well she never took it a step further.

Of the many treasures I have found while going through her apartment was an old box full of paints and all the associated tools. She had the brushes, palette knives, paper, paints etc. I even found this old instruction manual in the basics of mixing colors. A company in London printed the little pamphlet. It is stained all over so you know it was well used.

This image shows one of the many, many things my mother ventured into.