Heber & Caroline a love story. Letter one written January 27th, 1924


When our mother passed away I was going through her things and found a stack of letters written by my maternal grandfather Heber to my maternal grandmother Caroline (aka Carrie). The letters cover an 18 month period during the great depression. My grandparents lived in Newfoundland and work was very scarce. Heber during this time stayed and worked in Massachusetts and Connecticut looking for whatever work he could find. Meanwhile Caroline stayed in Newfoundland with the children. Heber wrote Caroline a letter each month. The letters are very interesting as not only do they give a perspective of the time, it shows just how difficult life was.

I will each Sunday include photos of the actual letters which I have then transcribed with the help of my brother Dana and sister Barbara. Although Heber’s handwriting is very pretty to look at, it can be difficult to read. 

Photo Apr 09

And so here is the first letter dated 1/7/24. The reference to “Jack” is my grandfather’s brother.

Photo Apr 09-2

My Dear Wife,

In answer to your welcome letter received yesterday glad to get it and to know you are well as of the writing of this letter leaves me at present. We are getting some cold weather here now, last night was a fierce night – enough to take the life out of you, but we haven’t any snow yet. It has been very good working weather the last couple of weeks, cold sometimes. I get in every day, doing something, fooling around, I don’t work hard on the job. Some days I am there all alone except the foreman.  If it’s cold or a little dirty, the rest of the carpenters don’t

Photo Apr 09-3

go to work. I haven’t any idea how long it will take us to finish this job, it all depends on the weather, probably will take another month. I got a chance to go to Bridgeport with the foreman when this job is finished to start another. He asked me the other day to go with him. I will be going if he doesn’t change his mind. Bridgeport is farther south down near New York. It will be better for me to go with him than to hang around here and perhaps lose the rest of the winter. Arch and I am working for the same company only Arch is foreman on another job. I think they are going down around there somewhere when they get finished here. I am going to stick with those people as long

Photo Apr 09-4

as I can. There is an awful lot of men loafing around here now. I seen by the papers a while ago there was 60,000 men loafing in Boston and vicinity. Give my best respects to all the family and friends. I think I have said all for this time. Will write again soon. By by.

From your loving & devoted husband,