Spring is just around the corner – I hope!

Currently we have approximately two feet of snow on the ground with another blizzard due to hit us this coming Saturday night. They expect this next storm will dump another 12+ inches on us. We have been hit by one to two storms a week for the past month. Half an hour north of here the snow is even deeper. Currently they have snow of three or more feet.FN5A1069For many of you who live in areas that are typically buried in snow this may be no big deal. But for Cape Cod this is very unusual. We don’t have the heavy snow removal equipment that many of you have. Another dilemma for many towns is where to put it all. They have to truck it away to make room for more but for environmental reasons are limited as to where they can dump it.

I love the snow. I am fortunate to have a job in which I can work from home so long as I have electricity and an Internet connection. However I realize most people don’t have this luxury. The area train lines are a mess right now. Tracks still need to be cleared of snow. Switches are frozen and so people are being bused. A commute that would take under an hour has taken some five hours. FN5A1026 And so with no end in sight I am spreading a little spring cheer today with some photos of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Enjoy this reminder of spring.