Bridgton, Denmark and Naples Maine in Winter


Over New Years hubby and I went to Maine with our daughter Allison, our grandchildren and Allison’s friend Lauren. One of the things I love about Maine is I can totally decompress and that is especially true in the winter. The night we arrived the temperature was 9 degrees and while I was disappointed there was no snow on the ground I was still thrilled to be up there. My son-in-law’s family owns the “cabin” as it is referred to. It is so private, set on five acres out in the middle of the woods. Wildlife is abundant although it seems I never have my camera at the ready to take pictures of the animals that venture by.


Having grown up in Canada, I love the cold and snow. The more snow the better! There are so many activities that can be done in winter. Love, love, love it! Don’t get me wrong I love summer too but I am so glad we have a distinct change of seasons here in New England. Another thing that is distinctive in New England are the houses. While they don’t fall into any one category of style they are pretty unique to this area. I have given you a glimpse of some of the fantastic old homes that dot this area and yes they are all inhabited. I also took a couple photos of activities that go on around here.


Tomorrow hubby and I head back to our house on Cape Cod. Although I’m not complaining about where I live it is always nice to get away from your own home. It’s a nice break from all the responsibilities that go with a home. New Years was quiet in Maine but it was exactly what was called for this year!


And I wish a happy 2015 to all of you!


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