Stephane Gabart of My French Heaven

As many of you know several weeks ago hubby and I went on vacation. We spent two glorious although busy weeks in four various locations in France. The second place we stayed was Saint Emilion right in the heart of the wine region. What an incredibly beautiful area (future posts will cover this). When I planned our trip it was with full intention to stay with my blogger friend Stephane Gabart at his families B&B with Stephane as our host. I learned of his wonderful B&B through his blog My French Heaven. Let me just say that the B&B most definitely is a French heaven (again there will be posts specific to that).

While we were visiting, Stephane an amazing cook treated my husband Michael and I to an amazing home cooked dinner which was incredible. At one point he showed and let us taste fresh walnuts which neither my hubby or I had ever had before. Then he delighted us with Goose pate as an appetizer. I had never tried Goose before and this too was delicious. The main course was steak in a green peppercorn sauce with a side of potatoes. Let me just say that the peppercorn sauce was to absolutely die for! To end it all we had some scrumptious pastries from one of his acquaintances Patisserie and they were amazing. All in all it was one of the best meals we had our entire visit to France. Cooking may be one of Stephane’s passions and he has elevated it to an art form.

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