Give Me My Ball



Our yellow lab Brady loves to play fetch. Odd thing is he will only play with my husband. I guess no one else quite throws the ball as well as my husband. If you try to throw it he looks at you as if to say “Really? That’s all you got!”. Truly I can’t throw the ball anywhere near as far as my husband but I try my best. It doesn’t matter Brady won’t go for it.

Another thing he loves is to dive for the ball in the pool. But again only if my hubby throws it. What’s with that? There’s no distance involved in the pool. You just throw the ball in the middle and he should jump for it. Nope. Only if my hubby throws it. They play this cat and mouse game when playing fetch. I guess I don’t have the technique down. Needless to say this spoiled dog gets lots of activity daily. My hubby makes sure to play fetch with him at least 30 or more minutes each evening. When the weather is really good my husband will even add in a walk around the block!