Are You Ready For It?

Fall is coming. How do you feel about it? I’m not sure if I’m ready or not. I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer because it has not been oppressively hot. Actually it has been one of the cooler summers we’ve had in years. Here on Cape Cod we have not had any days over 90 this summer. Mind you that doesn’t really bother me as I prefer the more temperate temps. However I am just not ready or looking forward to turning the heat on. I feel as though we just left all that. This summer has flown by. It seems as though we were just opening our pool and cleaning out the flower beds. This weekend we will be closing the pool. Without the really hot days the temperature of the water has dropped well below my minimum requirement for swimming. My minimum is 78 degrees although 82-84 is just to my liking. I know that is probably much too hot for many but I can stay in the pool for hours when it’s that warm. So how are you feeling about summer drawing to an end? Are you ready for fall?

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