A Step Back in Time, Martha’s Vineyard.

I live on Cape Cod, which is a large spit of sand, which juts out into the ocean off the coast of Massachusetts. Just off of the Cape Cod coast are two very scenic islands: Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. You can reach the Vineyard via ferry in about 45 minutes. Nantucket is a little longer trip at about two hours. Both Islands are different in their architecture and appeal. Yet both are equally beautiful.

Two summers ago my daughter and I headed out to the Vineyard for a day trip. We took the car over on the ferry so we could explore the Island and all the multitude of villages/towns as well as various coves and beaches. We had such perfect weather you couldn’t have ordered a more pristine day. It was sunny and warm, with a gentle breeze off the water.


You really can’t get lost on the Island because basically there are only several major roads, which loop the entire Island. We did take random turns upon a whim and found some beautiful private beaches and parks that you otherwise would never have come across. We just had a spontaneous time with no set plans or places to venture. Our only goal was to make the last ferry home! It was a perfect and memorable day.


These photos were taken in and around the town of Edgartown. Of all the towns on the Island this is probably my most favorite. That’s not to say that the other towns aren’t equally scenic but for some reason Edgartown really appeals to my senses.


I hope if you ever visit Massachusetts during the warmer seasons that you take the time to visit Cape Cod and the Islands. They are like different countries unto themselves. You will feel as though you have taken a step back in time. A time where life was carefree and simple.