Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich, Cape Cod Massachusetts


Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich, Cape Cod…. Purchase print here…

Recently I have been posting photos from various locations on Cape Cod. One of the most scenic harbors is Wychmere Harbor, in Harwich on Cape Cod. It’s a very small harbor but in the summertime it is completely dotted with fishing, lobster and sail boats. Off two one side is a small pier with a number of commercial fishing and lobster boats. On the opposite side of the harbor is the Wychmere Beach Club. This is a very popular destination to hold wedding receptions at. One end looks out to the ocean and the other has views of the harbor. It is an ideal location and very scenic. Harwich if you ever visit Cape Cod is on the Route 28 side of the Cape. This road meanders along the outer cape if you ever want to take a ride.


Wychmere Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts… Purchase print here…