A Boggy Wet Walk in Barnstable


In the off season on Cape Cod I like to grab my husband and head out to venture into areas we’ve never been to before. I have a book which tells of the various scenic walks in the area. So we set out to take a woodland walk in the Barnstable area. While I wouldn’t say it was the most scenic area it did have some interesting parts. This particular spot was full of cedars and had a carpet of green plants growing about a foot high. It was a little weird to come across this vivid patch of green where everything else was dead for the winter.

The ground was very wet and muddy. Fortunately wood bridges had been built over the wettest spots. Overall I don’t know that it would be an area I would go out of my way to visit again. But it does lend to some moody photos. One bright spot were the beautiful Holly trees. Vibrant green leaves contrasting with bright red berries were a pretty sight and certainly seasonal.