Fryeburg County Fair, Maine


Print available for purchase on ETSY here…

There is one thing that I thoroughly enjoy going to and that is a good, old County fair. Unfortunately many of them have become very commercialized. Instead of crafters and local tradesmen selling their incredible items they have been replaced by vendors pushing their Tupperware and other gadgets made by national chains etc… It is so disappointing to see this happening. But one County Fair that does not disappoint is the FRYEBURG Fair in MAINE. Full of amusement rides, horse pulls, every type of farm animal in abundance and yes local craftsmen it is excellent. Oh yes there are vendors but they sell what is so important to the Maine life: snowmobiles, farm tractors, farm equipment etc… If you are in Maine in October check your calendar for when the fair is occurring. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that the foliage at that time of year is outstanding!