I’m Ready for Fall


Two weeks ago if you had said to me fall is coming I would have screamed “No, no, no!” But the weather has slowly been cooling since that time and there is just a hint of fall in the air. Yes our pool is still open and hubby and our lab are still swimming. For me once the temp of the water drops below 78 degrees I’m done. Yes call me a sissy but I like my water warm! We will probably be closing it over the next two weeks. Usually after Labor Day we don’t use it much anymore and so we close it soon thereafter.  I am slowly sliding into autumn mode. Well at least mentally. This weekend we are headed up to my second favorite location (behind Cape Cod) Maine. We will be up there for five days and I know that will clinch it for me. Maine is always cooler than home so I know I will then be thrust into wanting fall. The leaves in my yard are starting to turn yellow. The flowers are dying if not dead already. I’m sure when we return the middle of next week things will be that much more advanced, as its supposed to be somewhat rainy and cool this weekend. Are you ready for fall or are you still in summer mode?