Vibrant or Muted. Which Are You?

Orange Asiatic Lily

Orange Asiatic Lily

There are two types of people. Those that love bright vibrant color and those that love soft muted color. I am of the first group. While I can appreciate a beautiful pastel, faded photo what draws me in the most are bright bold pops of color. I love when a photo is a kaleidoscope of many colors.

My garden is very colorful. I don’t really aim to load it up with all one color i.e. a white or blue garden. Mine is a hodgepodge of what I happen to throw in one year and where it may reseed itself.

This photo of a lily against the vibrant green backdrop really is a perfect example of pops of color I love. Bright and a rainbow of colors all mixed in.

What do you prefer, vibrant bright colors or soft muted shades?