My Top Ten Favorite Blogs


Thank you to Ruby Canoe for nominating me for this award! So very nice of you. As part of the award I am to nominate ten of my favorite blogs. Here they are in no particular order. I love them all equally and so many more that I follow regularly;

My French Heaven

Tylko fotografia

Pride in Photos

Giaskyler Photography

Licht Years

Lisa Gordon Photography


JD Photography

Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera


Life: A Scot in Norway


Practical Practice Management

Leanne Cole Photography

There are so many that I love I added more than ten. You will notice in my list that I follow many photography blogs. I find other people’s work inspiring.

And now I need to list ten things about myself;

1. I am addicted to sweets.

2. I am the youngest of six children.

3. My oldest brother passed away a number of years ago from complications of a stroke.

4. My father was an alcoholic and passed when I was twenty.

5. I grew up in Canada and moved to the United States in my late teens.

6. My 87 year old mother lives with me and my hubby.

7. I live in New England and hate all seafood.

8. I live by the ocean and could never live away from a large body of water.

9. I am totally consumed by photography.

10. I have several dozen nieces and nephews living all over the world and countless more great-nieces and great-nephews.