From Terror a Sense of Community



This past week was surreal. Hubby and I returned home from Puerto Rico after almost two weeks. We returned from hot, sunny temps to cool and dreary. But one sign of spring in Massachusetts is the “Boston Marathon” which is always held on “Patriots Day”, this past Monday.  It was a sunny, beautiful day and perfect for running. And although I did not attend it still is a day that generally signifies the beginning of a new season.

As the world knows this year the Marathon was marred by the treacherous acts of two cowards. So many lives were changed forever. People were maimed and many more will suffer from PTSD for years to come.  Other innocent people lost their lives. Cut down in their youth. This day for the survivors and their families, which should have represented “Freedom”, is now an emotional prison.

But as the days after unfolded we were all reminded of the sense of community and coming together in the state of Massachusetts. Towns and people rallied together in strength and emotional support. Other states showed their love for our City of Boston. People who in fun times display a sense of rivalry came to show us their love for one another. The singing in New York of “Sweet Caroline” by Yankees fans. Photos and images from other cities and towns were shared all over the Internet. It reminded us all of the good inside the majority of people!

Law enforcement in throngs was like a dog on a bone and determined to find the individuals who did this in our Commonwealth! They reached out to the public to help identify two potential young men they felt had perpetrated this crime. And through social media and TV within five days they were identified, found and apprehended.  It was an incredible coming together of people!

The joy and celebration of the crowds last night after the apprehension of the final brother was amazing! It restored your faith in your fellow man and gave us a sense of pride in our law enforcement people!

A day that was meant to represent freedom turned into one of terror. But in the ultimate end we were once again reminded of why our Freedom was so hard earned. Two individuals who tried to rip us apart actually brought us back together. We as a “Free Nation” will always come together as a group and support one another! And while we need to always remember the individuals we lost as a result of an ugly deed we also need to remember a beautiful thing – there is support in the Community of one another.