My Hubby’s Vice or Maybe It Was Mine


My hubby has one bad vice.  Well actually I’m sure I could name more but this is the one that jumps out at me, cigars. He loves his Cigars. He is a connoisseur of cigars. He makes it his mission to know about all different types of cigars. His humidor has to be full at all times. Really? I mean how many can you smoke? I’m kind of glad he has a vice because then when I indulge in mine expensive purses or jewelry, he really can’t say anything. At any rate he can find any cigar shop and or lounge in any town we go to. Old San Juan Puerto Rico was no exception. What was intriguing was the whole back half of the store was dedicated to hats! Every type of hat that you could envision a cigar smoking person to wear was sold there. They were piled high and laid out by size. It was actually very neat to see. My hubby didn’t buy a hat. He has his Havana Hat already but rarely wears it so didn’t feel compelled to spend the money. Shockingly he didn’t buy any cigars or paraphernalia either as he said it was too pricey in Puerto Rico. So he left empty handed. But I didn’t I bought my expensive purse before we left! It was on sale after all and who can pass up a bargain? Well someone had to indulge their vice!