Who Burns in the Shade in Puerto Rico?


Who burns in the shade? Not my Italian Portuguese husband! He just has to step into a sunbeam and he is tanned a dark brown. Nope it’s me. I come to a Caribbean Island and I make sure I stay in the shade covered in a hat so I don’t burn. But of course I burned the first day. In the shade no less! I was wearing SPF 30 so how the heck did that happen. I guess my Irish skin is not meant for the Caribbean sun. Well it won’t deter me though. Don’t get me wrong at home I love the sun. I’m always out by our pool and yes I never wear suntan lotion. By the end of the summer I have a beautiful tan. But it’s like slow roasting instead of quick braising! This sun is a quick braise and I have to be very, very careful. I used to go to tanning beds before I would come to the Caribbean so I wouldn’t have to worry about these things. But with age you realize that is not a wise choice. Tanning beds age your skin so much faster than the regular sun! Yikes who needs that? Anyway I will continue to wear my big hat, hide in the shade, slather myself in SPF 75 now and get the slightest color while enjoying this wonderful paradise with my dark hubby!








My dark Italian Portuguese husband

My dark Italian Portuguese husband