Could It Be The Final Snowstorm of the Season


Winter is slowly coming to an end. I think! In fact here in Massachusetts at this moment we are once again experiencing another two day Nor’easter. Parts of the state will be receiving close to 10 to 12 inches of snow. It seems as though this winter is never finally going end. We get teased with a little mild weather and then slammed with these killer storms with high winds.  It really has been an amazing winter for storms. The storms we’ve gotten have dumped large amounts of snow and each has been accompanied with tremendously strong winds. Driving around the area I don’t ever recall seeing so many trees blown down, split in half, or large limbs ripped off.  It’s as though each storm comes with hurricane force gusts! I’m crossing my fingers that this is the final snowstorm of the season. I am trying to be optimistic!