To Rescue or Not


Truth be told prior to rescuing Virgil in September of 2011 I had no interest in Pugs. I really would never have looked at a Pug twice. In fact I was for the most part a “Big” dog person. Hubby and I have always had labs weighing 80 to 125 lbs. If you had told me even one month prior to adopting him that I would own a Pug I would have laughed in your face. I really did not find them appealing at all. I didn’t care for their big eyes, the pushed in snout and in general just didn’t think they were cute. The day I saw Virgil he was such a pathetic looking creature. He was covered in eczema, he was missing huge patches of hair from anxiety, his nails were very long, and he was so skinny. There really was nothing appealing about him at all. But after holding him for 30 seconds I knew. I didn’t even bat an eye. I walked over to my hubby with Virgil in my arms and said I am taking him home. We weren’t even in the market for a second dog. We had discussed it many times and always decided we wanted just one. Having had two at the same time previously we knew how much work and expense was involved. But I knew. I just knew. Can I tell you he is the best dog ever! What a little sweetheart. He has his funny little quirks but he is so affectionate. Every day I am so glad we brought him home. Would I get another Pug? I don’t know. I certainly notice Pugs now and I’m shocked by the number of people who love them but I don’t know that it’s Pugs that appeal to me or just Virgil that appeals to me.  I’ve come to find that people either love Pugs or hate them. There’s no in between. You either like their big bulging eyes and pushed in snout or you find them totally ugly. Regardless Pug or not I have talked to so many people who have rescued dogs and they all say their dogs are the sweetest creatures. Do you suppose it’s because they know? They know you have rescued them and that you have saved their lives and are now taking care of them. Is it lifelong gratitude? Is that possible from a dog? Truthfully I think it is because I have come to find that dogs are amazingly smart. So I would not doubt this for one minute. If you ever consider rescuing a dog – do it!