My Mansion Isn’t Big Enough


As you are taking the ferry over to Martha’s Vineyard towards Vineyard Haven you pass all these mansions dotting the shore. Just when you think one can’t get bigger than the next… it does. It amazes me how big these houses are. Really how big a house do you need to live in? How many of these rooms do you think these people use when they are vacationing on the Island? For the one, two, okay tops three weekends a year that they use these homes do you think they really have to have some of these rooms? How disgusting it is that they feel it is necessary to flaunt their money for everyone to see. You know they say people who come from money never really flaunt their money. It’s the people who come into money who feel it is important to let the world know! Seriously they could not have found a better or more impactful way to use that extra spare cash?