What Is Yet To Come

We are still digging out from the blizzard this past weekend, which dumped well over a foot of snow on the area. Some lucky towns got upwards of 30 inches of snow! It struck last Friday late morning and didn’t stop snowing until Saturday evening. It is now Wednesday morning and there are still towns with out electricity. That means those unfortunate individuals also don’t have heat. This equates to frozen pipes etc… The power companies are doing what they can under the circumstances. Because of the hurricane force winds a lot of trees came down on power lines. The trees have to be removed first before the power can be restored. I have passed convoys of electric light trucks coming in from other states to help out. Unfortunately we are supposed to get several more inches of snow tonight and there has been mention of a possibility of snow again this weekend. Lets hope not! So in honor of spring enjoy these images of what is yet to come! (Soon I hope!)