A Day of Family

Emma listening to the Aunts and Nana

Sunday we celebrated my daughter Allison’s 28th and her husband Chris’ 29th  birthday’s. It was a wonderful day spent with family. My son Bob, his girlfriend Becky and their beautiful baby Morgan were at the house. My two sisters Mary and Barb, my hubby of course and his mother Carol were also present. It is always nice when we get together. A little crazy at times as we’re not necessarily the quietest group but fun none-the-less.

I’m shocked my daughter is 28. It seems like just yesterday she was a baby herself and now here she is 28, married with a baby of her own. It seems like just yesterday I was 28 and had just met my husband (second marriage). My children were so young at four and two years old when we started dating. 23 years has gone by and I am now a grandmother. I relish my granddaughters and every minute spent with them. It’s the best! You cannot put into words the love you feel for your grandchildren! My son will be 26 years old next month. That is the real shocker. That I truly can’t believe. Time seems to be speeding by with each passing year. I wish it would slow down just a little…

Morgan eating a foot
Dazzling Shoes
Emma and Mom
Morgan and Mom

Emma and Gigi
Morgan and Papa
Time to go home
Brady recovering