An Empty and Desolate Beach

I like to photograph empty, desolate beaches. If I haven’t said this a million times before I love the look of a winter beach. I just feel it conveys so much more emotion than a summer beach. Generally in winter beaches are stark. Any trees in the background are bare of foliage and look like arms with claws reaching to the sky. I don’t know about elsewhere but it feels as though the sky in winter on Cape Cod takes on an entirely different hue. The blue is more of a gray, dull and icy. You can just feel the chill in it. The marsh that is the prettiest shades of orange and red in fall have faded to a dull brown. I guess in all the landscape conveys lifelessness. Is that a word? It is as though the beach and surrounding area have retreated and left a shell of what they can really be if only for a couple of months.