I’ve Restrained Myself


I’ve been good. I’ve restrained myself from posting too many pictures of my granddaughters since Xmas. Well at least I think I have. But I can only go just so long before I start to go into baby withdrawal.

Here is Morgan. I watched her for a couple of hours on Friday. She played. She napped. She talked (well babbled). And we had a great time.

I love my time spent with my granddaughters. It is amazing how you really appreciate those special tender moments that you just can’t when you are a parent. I relish these couple more months of holding her while giving her a bottle. Not too much longer and she will be holding it herself and then begins the slow, lifelong journey of independence. Well I want to enjoy every moment before that happens. You don’t have that luxury to do that when you’re a parent! And I never know how many grandbabies I’m going to have! So I love every precious second!