Sandy Neck Lighthouse, Barnstable, Cape Cod, MA

Sandy Neck Lighthouse stands at the entrance to Barnstable Harbor on Cape Cod.  Sandy neck is a ½ mile wide six mile long peninsula on the North side of Cape Cod. At its end stands the Sandy Neck Lighthouse guarding the entrance to Barnstable Harbor. As the prominence of Barnstable Harbor decreased and dunes shifted the lighthouse eventually was positioned further inland on the peninsula. The government decided to move the Lighthouse’s lens to a steel skeleton 200 feet closer to the end of Sandy Neck. Two years later the top of the original lighthouse was lopped off, removing the lantern room and dropped in the harbor to prevent seafarers from being confused by the reflection of the glass. Private donations were raised and in 2007 the lantern room was rebuilt onto the original Lighthouse and the beam shone once again. Currently the light can be seen for a distance of 10.4 miles.

Sandy Neck Beach is a conservation and recreation area owned by the Town of Barnstable. The lighthouse is now privately property with no public access. It can be viewed from Barnstable Harbor at Millway Beach on Cape Cod.