Boston at Night. Oh what a sight!

On occasion hubby and I will pop up to Boston from Cape Cod to walk around or to attend an event of some sort. This past summer we went up to the city on the 3rd of July with my brother Tom, his wife Jody, and my daughter Allison for the day. We ended up staying late into the night and listening to the Boston Pops rehearse for their 4th of July concert! Were we glad we did because the concert on the 4th was poured on! We saw the entire concert with Jennifer Hudson and all the other guest stars. Who knew you could go up the night before and see the concert? These wonderful pictures were taken of the city from our perch along the Charles River. It was such a beautiful sight. I especially love the view of the Beacon Hill balcony decorated for the 4th. It was so festive!
A wonderful balcony decorated for the 4th of July in Beacon Hill 
Tour boat on the Charles River
The famous Citco sign by Fenway Park
Moon through the trees!