Salt Water and Woodland Walk

As I previously mentioned hubby and I found the most wonderful place to take the dogs and walk. It starts out at “Scorton Creek” which is a salt-water river that meanders in from the ocean. This particular location is a popular gathering spot for dogs to come play and swim. But just as popular with Kayakers and people floating on tubes out to the ocean with the tide. 
This particular week my daughter Allison, her husband Chris, our granddaughter Emma, and their dog Harry joined us. They too got to see what a beautiful walk this is. Some of the trails take you out along the salt marsh themselves. At points you cross over small brooks, which of course the dogs had to swim in! And then there are the stretches of gorgeous tall white pine. It feels as though you are in an enchanted forest! 
We have only sampled a couple of the trails. There are so many more to explore and we are anxious to get out and walk them all!