Scorton Creek & a Salt Marsh Walk

My hubby and I went for a walk over this past weekend. This was a new trail to us but as you can see the scenery was absolutely amazing. We walked through woods and at points went by salt marshes and various inlets. The colors were incredible. We have now found a new spot to walk the dogs. We passed so many other people walking their dogs or should I say the dogs were running free and the owners trying to catch up. Our dog Brady had a blast as he would dash ahead of us, disappear and then come back again. Occasionally we would hear a splash and it was Brady taking a little dip in a stream we might be passing. This will now become a regular venture for us. To end our story once we got home we were so sure Brady would be wiped out. Absolutely not as you can see by the last picture he stood outside on the back deck waiting for my husband to go out and throw the ball to him. 

Brady taking a little dip during our walk!
Brady retrieving his ball!

Daddy come out and play!