Tantalizing Tuesday – Grilled Pound Cake with Honey & Berries

Oh my gosh… have you just been told company is coming in a little while and you need to come up with an amazing dessert! Well I have one for you that you can whip up in no time at all! I kind of just threw this together from a combination of other recipes and is it yummy!


– pound cake (i.e. Sara Lee Frozen – thaw as instructed in the microwave when it is time to serve)
– berries of your liking (fresh preferably but frozen would do)
– honey
– whipped cream or rediwhip (I like to keep a can on hand because it lasts forever)


If fresh berries cut strawberries in half, add some sugar, stir and throw in fridge so the berries macerate and make a syrup. When it’s time to serve your dessert thaw pound cake as instructed on box and slice thickly (approx 1/2″). Add the rest of your other type of berries to strawberries and stir so syrup is over all berries. Grill pound cake on each side just until warmed and there are grill marks. Place one or two slices of pound cake on a dish, lightly drizzle each slice with honey, spoon berries on top, douse with whipped cream and enjoy! 

Yum!  xo