Ghost Hunting in Plymouth Massachusetts

For my sister’s birthday I decided to give her a different type of gift this year. I treated both her and I to a “Ghost Hunting Tour”. The Pilgrims as many people know occupied “Plymouth Massachusetts” in 1620. Since that time there has been a lot of death and tragedy in the area, the ocean and homes. It makes for prime ghost hunting ground. There are multiple ghost tours in Plymouth. We took the “Dead of Night” ghost tour. Truthfully it was fun. I kept telling my sister I wanted to stay in the back of the group so we could get grabbed or pushed by a ghost. Unfortunately no such luck. One small boy did get grabbed in one of the houses we were in. Or so he says! Before I went on the tour being the thorough person that I am I “Googled” “best shutter speed for taking pictures of ghosts”. The results were to use a very slow shutter speed and a flash. There was an additional tip and that was not to move until the picture was in the viewfinder because of the slow shutter speed you end up creating your own ghosts otherwise. During the tour I must have taken 200 pictures. I was sure at one point I caught a ghost. It wasn’t until I got home and my husband totally deflated my spirits telling me it wasn’t a ghost. I think he’s right. I did catch a couple of orbs but I really, really wanted to photograph a ghost. Oh well next time. I must say the number of people partaking in the ghost tours surprised me. It did help that it was a dry balmy summer night. Which made it perfect for walking around town! The whole tour was 2 ½ hours. We walked through town while Jan our guide told us tales of death and murder. She would stop in front of the houses and locations where ghost apparitions had been seen. Then we went up into the cemetery. It was very cool. Truthfully I was not scared at all. I was more afraid of a couple of teens arguing at the entrance. We thought we might have to call the police on them. In the cemetery I kept clicking, clicking, clicking waiting to see a ghost or shadow person! More orbs. To finish off we went into two old haunted houses. Jan told us the history of the houses and about the various apparitions that have been seen over the years. I clicked away. Where were all the full-bodied ghosts? I guess they went out for Friday night! We probably should have done some provoking! Regardless it was a fun time had by all. If you want something to do that is different and a little exciting give ghost hunting a try!  

Our mascot an old black pug. Looks kind of scary! 17 yrs old!

The tour was my sister Mary’s Bday gift

People lined up for the tour
Plymouth Rock Crypt
I was so sure the blur on the left was a ghost. My husband insists it’s the reflection of a person. What do you think? (I don’t know who the person is if it is a person!)
Our first stop
Very old area of Plymouth
Houses with murder and tragedy – but I didn’t catch any ghosts!

The original court house. Many people were hanged here. See the orb in the upper right above the roof (not the one on the left that is a reflection)!
Thought I might catch some reflections in the windows. No such luck!

Old Church by burial hill
Walk up the hill into the cemetery.
Moon through the trees.
Two orbs. Large one towards left, small one smack dab in the middle background (to the left of the light)
Burial Hill
Hannah Howland died of “Languishment”! Not sure what that is but her ghost still roams around!


Final two houses to tour.

took pics, pics, pics – nothing unless you see something I missed!

Final house

Supposedly in this picture of masks other faces will show up! I tried and tried but nothing. I think it might be the reflection of the sheen on the picture and how the light from your flash reflects off of it. I guess I didn’t have the right angle to create faces! But I tried!

End of Tour