Boston Harbor Rotating Bridge

One day this summer while in Boston hubby and I were walking the waterfront. At one point there was a group of boats on an inlet that wanted to go into the harbor and out into the ocean. They had to go by the above bridge to get out there. It was quite fascinating to actually watch the bridge swing open to let them pass. The platform / deck of the bridge was quite large and surprisingly it spun open very fast. I was shocked at how quickly it all opened. One man sat on the portion of the deck that spun open to operate the deck opening and closing. Seemed like a great job to have to me. Just sit there and wait for boats to come by, push some buttons to spin it open and closed and repeat all day long. How simple! I’m sure it’s more complicated than that but it sure looked that easy! When the bridge swung open two tiny boats went through. Seemed like an awful lot of work to let two small boats go through!