Perspective 8/9/12
Perspective. Ever since I have started seriously photographing things I’ve found I have a new perspective every place I go. When I walk around I look at everything as if I have never been there before. Even if I go some place daily I am always looking for a photo opportunity. Drives my husband and family crazy. I look at things lopsided, sideways, isolated items, items at a distance, close up, you name it. I look at the world differently now. I am never without a camera. I have my IPHONE always with me. A small “push the button dummy” DSLR camera in my car at all times. Then there is my “big” camera with all the separate lenses, which I take when I set out to deliberately take pictures, or when I think I might have a picture opportunity.
These particular photos were taken along “Burroughs Wharf” on the Boston waterfront. One day as my husband and I were in town I snapped these photos. It’s amazing how you can get an entirely different feel or image if just looking at something from a different angle or perspective!