Monday Memories – 7/30/12


Looking Back at the past week…

1) I wish….. I could begin to share with you the excitement I am feeling at finally becoming a grandmother! Yahoo!!! And another granddaughter is due within 10 days! Double Yahoo!!!
2) I made….. a decision to join a health club last week. I joined a week ago Saturday and went 6 days last week. Worked my way up to two miles on the elliptical machine at an incline of “10” and 30 minutes of weights each day. Man what a work out! Feeling good about it so far!

3) My dogs…..  are not happy with us because we have left them at home alone so much over the past couple of days.
4) I’m grateful….. for my friends Casey and Jay for taking time out of their evening to attend the reception at the Art Exhibition my photos were in! Thank you again!

5) I’m hopeful…. the tooth I had filled on Saturday is not developing an infection. My whole upper sinus is tender and it was a bottom tooth! Strange!

6) My husband….. is so cute when he holds our granddaughter Emma! He is such a big fella and she is so tiny! It’s amazing to see how gentle he is with her. He will be her Papa!
7) I was….. on pins and needles all day Friday while my daughter was in labor. It was a very, very, very long day! Got the call at 7:30 am and she didn’t deliver until late that night. We didn’t get to see her until 11:30 pm!
8) I have….. a feeling my two granddaughters are going to be very spoiled! 🙂

9) I spent….. yesterday morning at my favorite place… the dentist office! Needed to have an old filling replaced!
10) I took….. Dot along with my husband up to see her Great Granddaughter today. This is the first fourth generation girl in our family! Daughter’s, daughter’s, daughter! I see a picture opportunity!