NANA!!! :) YAHOO!!!

Last night… couldn’t even tell you the time my daughter Allison and son-in-law Chris welcomed their daughter Emma Elizabeth into the world. My first grandchild. I can not begin to tell you how I feel! Well yes I can!!! I am so over the top elated! I knew I was excited but I can feel myself just beaming inside! I can not describe the absolute overwhelming feeling of excitement and love being a Nana conjures up inside for me! Spoil, hug, love…. spoil, hug, love… did I say… spoil, hug, love? And then let the parents deal with all the other stuff that hubby and I have had to deal with over the past 3 decades (actually my kids have been really good-shouldn’t say that)! Time to pass the baton! Yahoo! We get all the good stuff! They can deal with all the bad! We can fly in spoil, hug, and love… play and leave when the getting gets bad!!! So excited about it all! Best yet I have another granddaughter due in 9 days! Morgan Elizabeth!!! Could life possibly get any better???