Monday Memories – Martha’s Vineyard – 7/23/12

Looking back at the past week…

Martha’s Vineyard Farm
1) I wish….. I were feeling better but I think I am on the verge of an ear infection. Not feeling too good! 😦
2) I made….. a bunch of prints of my photos this week, matted them and they are for sale at a local store!
3) My dogs….. had a busy weekend again swimming and playing with their Dad. They are now crashed on the couch!
Martha’s Vineyard Wildflowers 
4) I’m grateful….. that this week I will be attending a reception for an Art Exhibition in which two of my photos have been selected.
5) I’m hopeful…. I might have my first grandchild this week. We’ll see. My daughter’s due date was this past Saturday so it could happen any minute now!
6) My husband….. has lyme disease and is now on his third course of antibiotics. He has made an appointment with a doctor that specializes in Lyme disease as he just can’t seem to get it cleared up. Now his joints are starting to bother him. 😦
Martha’s Vineyard Fence
7) I was….. thrilled to spend a little time with our crazy family friend Courtney from Connecticut this past Friday. Love that girl! So carefree!
8) I have….. joined a health club and am psyched! I look forward to working out after and before work!
9) I spent….. Saturday night at a party with hubby and a group of people from work. We had a great time!

10) I took….. time on Sunday and actually took a two hour nap. I know it’s because I’m fighting off something and totally wiped out!