Monday Memories – Original Travel Trailer – 7/16/12

The original travel trailer.

My husband and I have a 30′ travel trailer with all the creature comforts but I must say I would seriously consider trading it in for something like this… On display at the Newport Flower show, Newport Rhode Island.

Looking back at the past week…

1) I wish….. I never had to work again. My two week vacation is over and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my time off!

2) I made….. some awesome spaghetti sauce this past week!

3) My dogs….. are going to miss lounging on the floats in the pool and swimming. They will have to wait until they get home from work with my husband! Yes they go to work with him!

4) I’m grateful….. I had two solid weeks of perfect weather with no rain during my vacation! It was amazing!

5) I’m hopeful…. the time flies by until September when I next fly off to Portland Oregon to spend some time with my cousin!

6) My husband….. had to go back to work last week. He only had one week off!

7) I was….. so happy not to have a schedule or plans during my vacation and was just spontaneous!

8) I have….. seven weeks vacation each year and I know I am more fortunate than most people!

9) I spent….. time with my extended family, sleeping, taking pics, laying by the pool and some day trips!

10) I took….. specific care not to think of work at all (until now)! And even still I am blocking out all the details I have to go back to until I have to face them!

Have a great week!