Themeless Thursday – Spots in and Around Boston
It’s amazing that I have lived in Massachusetts for 35 years and there are so many parts of the City of Boston I have never seen. Fortunately when my brother Tom comes in from Canada he loves to explore all things new. He and his wife Jody have been up to Boston many times over the years but last week the Tall Ships were in town. So hubby, my daughter and I ventured up to the city with them to take a look at the ships. Now mind you my brother is a fireman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is in fantastic cardiovascular condition. When he explores he does it all on foot. I knew we would be doing quite a bit of walking but I assumed we would move the car or take public transportation from location to location. Wrong! A foot tour does lend to seeing things you normally never would see. We had this same experience with my brother when visiting London some years ago. Back on subject… We walked from the Constitution (ship), along the harbor front walk (out along every pier) down to the Fish Pier where the Air Craft Carrier was docked. We did thank goodness catch a bus back to South Station where we then walked to Faneuil Hall. From there we walked back to the Constitution. We then took the car over to Kendall Square that night (7 pm) and walked back across the Longfellow Bridge beyond the Hatch Shell to find a sliver of grass in order to watch the Boston Pops practice their 4th of July concert! Once the concert was over we walked back to the car to begin the hour drive back to Cape Cod at 10:30 pm. Our trip began at 8:30 am in the morning. My brother says we walked 2 miles that day. I beg to differ. Perhaps two miles on a straight line but we did so much zigging and zagging I’m sure it was much closer to 5. My husband and daughter would easily agree. Hubby and I walk 2 miles with our dogs and I can tell you it feels nothing like that. My poor pregnant daughter was dragging by the time we hit the aircraft carrier and had to call it quits for the day. She took the subway back home. This was the longest I had walked since my foot surgery last November. By hour two of the 14 hr day I was limping but persevered. The next day I had such huge blisters on the bottom of my feet from walking I literally could not walk on the pads of my feet! The good thing is we saw such beautiful parts of the city I would never have otherwise seen or experienced. I would never do it again all in one day but now know on a warm, breezy summer day there are so many perfect spots in the North End, along the waterfront, by Faneuil Hall etc… and along the Charles River to explore! The choices are endless. I believe when you live in a State you never take enough time to play tourist and that day we did. So if you ever have a chance play tourist in your own city!