Monday Memories – All Things Ocean – 7/9/12

Monday Memories – All Things Ocean

Looking Back at the past week…

1) I hope….. my brother and sister-in-law visiting us from Canada last week had a great visit, as we did!
2) I made….. some awesome shis-ka-bob last night for dinner!
3) My dogs….. played with my son and girlfriend’s dog Mav plus my daughter and husbands dog Harry. All on the same day! They were exhausted afterwards.

4) I’m grateful….. I have one more week’s vacation!
5) I’m hopeful…. I will have as nice weather this coming week as I had last week!
6) My husband….. had to go back to work today after being on vaca with me last week.  
7) I was….. fortunate enough to spend Saturday night with hubby, my son and his girlfriend Becky. Becky cooked the most spectacular roast beef dinner.

8) I have….. taken so many pictures during the past week that I have tons to edit! I’m very excited.
9) I spent….. all day Tuesday in Boston with my brother, sister-in-law, hubby and daughter Allison.
10) I took….. time to go out for the most phenomenal breakfast this morning with my hubby! I love when we take time for ourselves and get away from our routine.